Wisconsin  All County Rabbit Hopping Event 


 Event Objective

The handler and rabbit are considered a TEAM.

 The ideal run that a judge will want to see is when the handler and rabbit work as a team. The rabbit will freely run the course without any encouragement from the handler. A clean run is one without any corrections or faults in the fastest time. Each team will run the course 2 times, both scores of faults, corrections and time will be added together. The winner will be determined by which team has the least amount of faults in the fastest time. There is a 2 minute time limit for each run. The handler should be keeping pace along side the rabbit off the course and not walking over any of the jumps.

Rules and Guidelines
1. Rabbit does not need to be pedigreed and can be a mixed breed.
2. All rabbits must be at least 5 months of age to compete.
3. Rabbits must be healthy and free of any disease or parasites. Any animals found to be in poor health must be removed from the event area immediately.
4. It is not required that your rabbit have a pedigree.
5. The rabbit must wear an “H” style harnesses with the hook for the clip in the back along with a  6”  lead on the course at all times.
6. All varieties of rabbits are allowed to compete. Types of rabbits that might have a problem with hopping, possibly creating injury and/or leg injury, are the
giant or heavy breeds. Over weight, pregnant or nursing does are not allowed to jump.
7. Handlers are responsible for the training of their rabbit. Persons with disabilities may appoint an animal handler for a competition.
8. Any mistreatment of a rabbit will not be tolerated. Never lift the rabbit by the skin at the back of the neck or by the ears.
9. Handlers will not use the leash to strike their rabbit to get it moving or as a means of discipline.
10. The rabbit and handler are considered a team. You may not hand your rabbit over to anyone else during competition to compete in other events.
11. The rabbit must never be left unattended in the competition area.
12. Animal handlers must always embody good sportsmanship.

Competition Rules

1. Only one rabbit on the course at a time.
2. Handlers are not permitted to step over the jumps. They may step on or cross the carpet between the jumps if need be.
3. Teams may start from either end of the course. They need to inform the Gate Keeper which end they want to start from when they check in before they start their run.
4. First and last jumps are free jumps. No faults will be counted on any fallen rails on the first and last jumps, The space after the first jump and the space before the last jump will count for corrections and faults.
5. Lifting the rabbit over the last jump will not count as a fault but can not be done till the rabbit reaches the end line.
6. Any rabbit slid along the carpet more than 6 inches will be counted as a fault.
7. The lead must stay loose as the rabbit passes over the jumps. You can not hold the leash closer than 24 inches from the back of the rabbit while it is  hopping over the jumps.
8. Rabbits must hop through the course by their own free will. The handler may guide the rabbit forward by using a gentle touch on the back or a tickle in the rib area. Each time the handler bends over to touch the rabbit, it will be counted as a correction.
9. Using your feet to guide, push or move the rabbit is not allowed. Handler will get one warning before they are disqualified.
10. Never lift the rabbit off the ground by the lead or lift the rabbit over a jump by the lead.
11. Prevent stress to the rabbit from loud noises when going through the course. The rabbit must not be forced to hop by the handler from yelling or stomping of their feet.
12. A handler and rabbit may not advance to the next required class division until all necessary points are earned.  Team will receive one point for every clean run ( No faults). Team needs 2 points to advance to the next level.
13. Any rabbit leaving the competition area past the seated judges will be disqualified.
14. The jumps must be hopped in the correct order, otherwise a “wrong way” judgment shall be declared, and disqualification shall be issued.
15. Once the rabbit has touched all four feet on the ground after clearing the final set of rails the clock is stopped, and the course is considered complete.
16. Animal handlers will be responsible for cleaning up any debris their animal leaves on the competition course during the competition and in the warm up area.

 Faults and Corrections

1. One fault for each rail and support knocked down.
2. Correcting or hopping the jump over. 3 corrections are considered a fault.
3. One fault for any jumps where the rabbit jumps outside of the obstacle supports.
4. One fault for each time lifting a rabbit over the jump that has no rails down. (First and last jumps excluded)
5. Exceeding the time limit. For every 15 seconds over the time … One fault is given  up to 3 minutes.
6. One fault for each time the Handler’s hand goes lower then the 24 inches on the lead.
7. One fault for sliding the rabbit more then 6 inches on the carpet.
8. One fault for lifting the rabbit over the last jump short of the lift line.
9. One fault will be given if the handlers’ hair or floppy  clothing is distracting to the judge. (Tie long hair back, Tuck shirts in)
10. One fault is given if handler is not wearing appropriate shoes for the sport. (no flip flops .
11. One fault is given if handler number is not visible to the judges. (Pin number to front chest)

After the following a warning is give before a disqualification

1.  Improper handling of the rabbit.
2. When the lead is held too tight and restricts the rabbit from hopping.
3. A rabbit is lifted by the lead off the ground.
4. Handler and rabbit are found on the course before called to start
5. Handler walks across a jump.
6. Handler is not available at the start.
7. The handler does not place the rabbit where it naturally would have landed after lifting it out of a failed jump.
8. Handler gets help from spectators or is helping another participant.

The following constitutes disqualification immediately from any run in question.

1. To over run the maximum time limit.
2. Running the wrong way.
3. The rabbit left the competition area
4. Handler looses the lead as the rabbit is hopping over a jump.
5. Negligent treatment of the rabbit.
6. Handler is not ready to start, in spite of warning
7. Kick or hit the rabbit. Drop, throw or hit the rabbit with the leash

A warning is given before a disqualification from the competition

1. Repeated false starts in the same course.
2. Bad sportsmanship, obvious heckling or name calling to other contestant.
3. Obvious neglect and mistreatment of a rabbit.
4. A handler has repeatedly has a loose rabbit on the course while others are hopping.

Requirements For Day Of Show

1. Get to show on time.
2. Bringing rabbits to the fair grounds you must enter through gate # 5 or # 9. You may get a drop off pass that can be used before 9:00am. Enter with pass through gate #5 only.
3. Your rabbit must be in a secure carrier with a solid bottom. No open boxes or crates.
4. Your rabbit must have access to water and food at all times.
5. If the weather is warm bring frozen water bottles to keep them cool.
6. ABSOLUTELY no rabbits are allowed to be left in cars. (This abuse will be reported to the Humane officers) We will have an area for the rabbits to stay during the event if you need to leave the event area. All rabbits will need to be picked up from the holding event area by 4:00 pm.  If event organizers are leaving at the end of the day they will take the forgotten rabbits home with them but it is your responsibility to pick them up at the organizer’s house. There will be a $10.00 boarding fee each day for each rabbit left behind.
7. Check in at the registration desk when you get to the event.
8. Keep your area neat and clean. You are responsible for picking up your area.
9. It is your responsibility to pay attention to which event is being run and listen for your name or number when called.
10. Awards will be given out after each course is finished with all age groups and levels.
11. All handlers are required to supply their own “H” style harness and 6” foot lead.
12. All leads need to be marked with tape or marker 24 inches from the clip.
13. All handlers need to pin their team number to the front of their shirt. You will need a different team number for each rabbit jumping.
14. You may bring a chair but remember we don’t have a lot of space.
15.Due to the nature of this public venue it is of the utmost importance that you handle  your animals in the most exemplary manner.




 Wisconsin All County Rabbit Hopping Event Registration Form


Form  Due date: July 15, 2013                               Event date: August 7, 2013

Location: 640 South 84th st, West Allis,  WI. 53214, (Wisconsin State Fair Park) Event held in the Lower Dairy Cattle Barn (across from the Coliseum)

Check in: 9:00 am
Warm up:  9: 30 am to 10:30 am

Event start time: 10:45 am

The Handler and rabbit are considered a TEAM

Team Limit: Each handler can jump as many rabbits as they want.

Fair tickets and parking is also needed, go to  http://www.wistatefair.com/wp/5-fair-tickets  for $5.00 tickets till June 30.

Handler Name ________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________

City____________________________State______ Zip code___________________

Phone Number_____________________________ Cell Phone_________________

E-mail Address_______________________________________________________

Parents or Guardian Name______________________________________________

Total courses ____________________   
Drop off pass needed # __________( free)
You may drive to the lower Dairy barn through gate #5 with pass. Drop off is before 9:00am
And you need to move your car immediately after drop off and park in another lot

Straight Line Course                       Number of rabbits
9-11 years old Easy, Straight line course                _______________
9-11 years old Medium, Straight line course        _______________
9-11 years old Difficult, Straight line course         _______________

12-19 years old Easy, Straight line course              _______________
12-19 years old Medium, Straight line course      _______________
12-19 years old Difficult, Straight line course       _______________

 Adult Easy, Straight line course               _______________
 Adult Medium, Straight line course        _______________
 Adult  Difficult Straight course         _______________

Crooked Course
9- 11 years old Easy, Crooked course                     _______________
9-11 years old Medium, Crooked course               _______________
9-11 years old Difficult, Crooked course               _______________

12- 19 years old Easy, Crooked course               _______________
12- 19 years old Medium, Crooked course        _______________
12- 19 years old Difficult, Crooked course         _______________

 Adult Easy, Crooked course               _______________
 Adult Medium, Crooked course        _______________
 Adult  Difficult, Crooked course         _______________

All age Team Relay- Team of 3 handlers

And rabbits  
Form your own team or we will team you up     ____  I do not have team members
with others at the event                                               _____I have 2 other team members
                                                                                               _____ I have only one other team

Easy, Team Relay                                               _______________                              
Medium, Relay                                                     _______________
Difficult, Relay                                                      _______________

 All Age - High Jump             _______________

All Age – Long Jump             _______________

What qualifies you for a level in each course? If you are a member of a Rabbit Hopping group( 4-H- State or National) and have hopped in previous events where you have earned points to advance your team to the next level then the team ( Same rabbit and Handler) that qualified for the Medium or Difficult level must sign up for that same level. All other Teams will start at the Easy level till they earn the 2 points from hopping two runs with no faults.

Mail all registration forms and check to :
Donna Towell
W317 S 6853 Schnitzler Road
Mukwonago, Wi, 53149                      

For more information contact: Donna Towell at dlwoolees@centurytel.net ,  414-378-3250 or
Cindy Gernenz-Heuer at cheuer805@gmail.com ,  920-602-6941