Our Fuzzy Lops

 Pictured below were our favorite American Fuzzy Lops from the past They have

been a part of our show and breeding stock throughout  our 11 years at the

state and national show tables . Even though we are no longer breeding or

showing the American Fuzzy Lop breed they will always be one of our favorites.

  We will still need to have one or two in the rabbitry as a pet. 




                    D.L. Woolee's Tangerine E# ML37

                                  Orange, Buck

                           Sire: Wildflower's Juice

                                 Dam: D.Lee Woolee's Echo

  23 GC legs

National ARBA 2006, Texas

        BOS winner National American Fuzzy Lop

      2006, Wisconsin BOB Winner




 D.L. Woolees Tavi  E# Ml52

Squirrel, Doe

Sire: M&M's Jasper

Dam: Blue Valley's Bambie

20 GC legs

  National ARBA 2006, Texas

   Youth BOB winner



                              Seminole Winds Freebe E # SW22

                            Sable Point ,Buck

                            Sire: Shari's Treble

                                  Dam: Alinda's Medusa   


                                             14 GC leg

                                   National American Fuzzy Lop

 National BOB Winner 2004, Ohio




D.L.Woolee's Sharleen  E#  ST

Broken Sable Point, Doe

Sire: Wilbank's Ted

Dam: JC's Chelsey

14 GC legs

National Fuzzy Lop youth show

2000 Best Junior


 Pattie's Ted E# JP1

Broken Sable Point, Buck

Sire: Wilbank's Patch Boy

Dam: Wilbank's Pattie's Hope

23 GC legs

Placed top 5 at 3 national shows

BOB winner

Morgan's first Fuzzy Lop




Fuzzy Thinking Kristopher E# FT2304

Broken Tortoise Shell, Buck

10 GC legs

Sire:Horne's Wyatt

 Dam: Fuzzy Thinking's Tobieann





D.L. Woolee's Herman E# ML66

Blue, Buck

4 GC legs

Sire:Blue Valley's Lumpy

Dam: Blue Valley's Bambie




 D.L Woolee's Peewee E# ML67

Blue, Buck

4 GC legs

Sire: Blue Valley's Lumpy

Dam: Blue Valley's Bambie






D.L. Woolee's Babs E# M1

Sable Point, Doe

9 GC legs

  Sire:Wilbank's Ted

Dam: Sharie's Bebe



Pattie's Sara E# P

Sable Point , Doe

21 GC legs

Sire:Wilbank's Fitzgerald

Dam: Wilbank's Mandy

Placed top 5 in 2 Nationals shows

Morgan's first Fuzzy Lop





 D.Lee Woolee's Bonita E# 36

Broken Chestnut Agouti, Doe 

13 GC legs

Sire: Wildflower's Juice

Dam: D.Lee Wooles Echo






Wildflower's Juice E# AC7K

Broken Orange, Buck

10 GC legs

Sire: Keye's Al

Dam: Wildflower's Candy Tuff





 Kew's Keno E# 28W

Broken Blue, Buck

7 GC legs

Sire: AK's Puff-o- Smoke

Dam: Kew's Macy





D.Lee Woolee's Oreo E# ML14

Broken Black, Doe

7 GC legs

Sire: Trump's Doug

Dam: Wildflowers Geri

  2002 BOB Wisconsin State Convention BOB Winner