I have an overstock of fiber. It is time I thin it down.

 Sold in one ounce bags.

FREE shipping for any order    3 ounces or more. 

1-2 ounces there will be a $3.00 shipping charge added on. 

Free shipping only in the continental USA

$ 5.00

an ounce Free shipping over 3 ounces


64 ounces are available for the sale. Click below for the amount of bags you would like. You can buy 1 or all and anything inbetween

100% German Angora - White    16 total one ounce bags - Click Here 

German / Giant Angora - White  4 total one ounce bags - Click Here

German / French Angora - White 9 total one ounce bags- Click Here

Coming soon 

Giant Angora -  White  7 one ounce bags

English Angora Fiber

white -  1 one ounce bag

tort  - 4 one ounce bag

Cream - 1 one ounce bag

Dyed fiber not carded

Shaded of Pink - 6 one ounce bags

Shaded of Blue - 3 one ounce bags

Combo colors - 3 one ounce bags

Yellow - 4 one ounce bags

Aqua blue - 2  one ounce bags

 Eggplant purple - 2 one ounce bags

Red - 2 one ounce bags